How to Book 5 Newborn Clients in 30 Days

Imagine what it would be like to book five newborns in the next 30 days in your portrait business.

Can you picture what it would do for your revenue, your referral base, and most importantly, your confidence?

If you're dying to find out, we're about to tell you exactly how to make it super easy to book newborns in your portrait business. Our challenge is called the BabyLove Challenge, and we're waiting for YOU to be part of it.

This challenge is perfect for portrait photographers who want more phone calls, more bookings, and more business than what typically comes in just around the holiday season.  

Just look at some of the success stories we’ve seen so far!

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How are these portrait photographers seeing such great success?   

The first step is understanding exactly how new mothers choose a newborn photographer. A new mother wants to choose somebody she knows or has been referred to. After all, she’s trusting the photographer with this little precious baby who has quickly become the center of her world. By building trust when new moms are expecting, instead of after having the baby, you have the opportunity to make that personal connection early on.

Without a personal emotional connection, it's common for the client to be concerned only about price. And, of course, that's exactly what we all want to avoid because there is always someone who’s cheaper, and that is a race to the bottom! Instead, focus on building your brand and client relationships by making personal connections. And you don’t even need a studio to do this!

Let’s talk about what you need to do this well:

  • Show off your portfolio

    You need to have a strong newborn portfolio and a history of paid newborn clients in order for this event to go well. Why? When expectant moms come to your location, it's important to display newborn photos to assure them that you’ll be able to create the images they want if they book with you. If you're at a place where you have not yet started to develop a newborn portfolio, we highly recommend Milky Way as a resource to get better with posing and lighting.

  • Connect on a personal level

    You need to establish some type of personal connection prior to the event. In addition to an email confirmation, you’ll have a higher show rate if you also invite potential clients to like your Facebook page. You can also follow them on Instagram or comment on one of their posts, letting them know that you're really excited to meet them. Those little touches that just take a couple seconds will increase your show rate significantly as it creates that personal connection that makes all the difference.

  • Know how to sell your stuff

    You should also have a strong sales pitch. It's very natural for most portrait photographers to struggle with selling their work. Your photography is your artistry, and it can feel extremely personal and awkward for you to let other people know why they should book with you. If you're not confident with sales yet, we give you a lot of tips in our free BabyLove training that will help tremendously with how to develop your sales confidence at your event.

Our BabyLove event is the perfect way to meet local expecting moms and book more newborns! We LOVE helping business owners like you make more money and seeing such great success stories in the industry.  As part of this FREE challenge, you will get:

  • Access to our entire DONE-FOR-YOU graphic design suite including Email Headers, Facebook Headers, and Instagram Graphics
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